We believe extended learning (homework) is an important part of the learning experience for students at Bluecoat Trent Academy. Homework is an opportunity for students to revisit learning to further embed the knowledge they need to access their lessons.

Each student will be issued with ‘Prepare and Explore mats’ at the beginning of each half term, where subjects have identified tasks that will help students prepare for lessons, key vocabulary to learn for the topic and tasks to help students deepen their knowledge and develop a love for each subject. Tutors will support in the completion of these tasks by explicitly teaching their tutees study skills and independent learning skills.

At Bluecoat Trent Academy, we recognise and value the impact that reading for pleasure has on academic achievement. Therefore, we will read together as a tutor group too and encourage this at home.

There may be times where the subject teacher requests that students complete additional pieces of homework, where they will be given ample time to complete this.

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