The curriculum offer for Bluecoat Trent Academy is to be based on the expertise gathered through our extensive successful experience of educating City children at existing Bluecoat Academy sites that have all been judged as Good or Outstanding in their most recent Ofsted inspections.

A ‘Bluecoat’ curriculum is designed to equip our students with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed throughout their time at the Academy and excel in the next steps in their educational journey, be that at Bluecoat Sixth Form, college, apprenticeship, university or employment.

As at our existing sites, in Year 7 and 8 (KS3), students follow the national curriculum in a broad and balanced diet of experiences from the Arts, Design Technology, Humanities and PE to the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. We believe that students should be fully prepared for KS4 experience so we ensure that Knowledge, Skills and Understanding taught during KS3 are closely aligned to requirements at KS4. “Knowledge Organiser” booklets are produced and issued to every student each half-term. These booklets contain the key facts, vocabulary and concepts for each subject area studied; enabling students to build a strong and secure base of Knowledge, Skills and Understanding for their KS4 experience.

At the start of Year 9, students will personalise their curriculum by choosing options which include a wide range of GCSE and Vocational courses. Assessment in these courses takes place in a variety of forms including controlled assessments during the course and public examinations at the end of Key Stage 4. All subjects and qualifications are carefully selected to provide the best possible range of opportunities for our students and provide a platform for further study or employment.

KS3 (Years 7 & 8)

The following subjects are studied in Years 7 & 8. The number of 1-hour lessons per week are shown in brackets:

English (5)

Mathematics (4)

Science (3)

Humanities [History and Geography] (3)

MFL [Spanish or French] (2)

Physical Education (2)

Performing Arts (2)

Design Technology & Art (2)

Computer Science/ICT (1)


KS4 (Years 9, 10 & 11)

The KS4 courses offered will provide a firm foundation for future careers and further education. In particular, our courses are designed to be a natural stepping-stone to GCE AS/A2 Level qualifications and Vocational Subjects offered in our Post 16 Centre. This ensures continuity and progression in learning at Bluecoat. We are convinced that our success as an Academy is due in part to this careful linking of courses and the sustained support of staff for students from the ages of 11 to 18.

Students follow a core curriculum of:

English (Language and Literature)



an EBACC option (Geography, History or Modern Foreign Language)

Core PE.

Students then have a choice of 2 further options including:

A second EBACC option (Geography, History or Modern Foreign Language)

Art & Design

Business Studies


Computer Science or ICT

Creative & Media

Design & Technology


Food Preparation and Nutrition

Hair & Beauty

Health & Social Care


PE / Sport

Thursday Afternoon – Staff Development and Student Enrichment:

In order to align with these initiatives at the other Archway Learning Trust sites, it is proposed that we will adopt the same Thursday afternoon 2pm finish to the timetabled lessons.

  • Year 7 students will remain for enrichment activities from 2pm to 3pm. Other year groups may elect to stay to participate in the enrichment programme.


PSHCE Delivery:

We recognise that many of the students may face challenging circumstances and pressures as they grow up in this city context. We believe this could lead to a pronounced need for guidance in many areas covered by PSHCE. To ensure that students receive the input they require we have included PSHCE content in the following:

  • We will adopt a strategy of the entire academy having PSHCE at the same time, delivered in a rolling programme. This means that all students will receive a dedicated hour each week but that the particular hour of the week will change.
  • There will often be an element of PSHCE in our assemblies and tutor time (There is a scheme of learning for PSHCE activities to be covered in tutor time sessions each week)
  • Presentations and events delivered by external agencies (this includes theatre productions, music performances and other forms of presentations to raise the profile and educate around issues such as teenage pregnancy and e-safety for example)

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