Vision & Values

Vision & Values

The Bluecoat Trent vision: Strive for excellence; shape the future

At Bluecoat Trent Academy we believe that all students should have access to the highest standards of education provision and opportunity, enhancing their future prospects and life aspirations.

The Bluecoat Trent values: At Bluecoat Trent we CARE

Citizenship: Our learners will have integrity, they will have a strong sense of justice and doing what is right. Bluecoat Trent students will be actively engaged in helping their communities and strive to make a positive difference to others.  They will be empowered to make global connections and have meaningful opportunities to lead and develop their character.

Aspiration: Our learners will be imaginative and hopeful about their futures. They will be able to demonstrate resilience when things go wrong or when facing a new challenge. No matter what their starting points Bluecoat Trent students will always try their best and achieve their potential.

Respect: Bluecoat Trent will be fully inclusive; we will welcome all and treat others as an individual of inherent worth. Our learners will be able to develop positive relationships and collaborate effectively. Bluecoat Trent students will represent their school with pride; celebrating the successes of themselves and their peers.

Excellence: Our learners will strive for success in everything they do. They will derive joy from seeking knowledge, acquiring new skills and be innovative in their approach to learning. Bluecoat Trent students will be excited about exploring new experiences and be committed to discovering and honing their talents both within and beyond academia.

What legacy do our students want to leave?

“Pupils feel happy and safe at this inclusive school. They are courteous and polite. The ‘CARE’ ethos of citizenship, aspiration, respect and excellence underpins all that the school does.”

OFSTED January 2024

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