Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Whilst we hope that we do not have to return to remote learning, it may be of interest for you to know what how this is implemented across Archway schools when needed.

If learning needs to take place remotely lessons take place via Microsoft Teams and follow a normal timetable of 5 lessons each day. We have easy to follow guides to get you started. Every lessons is delivered by a subject specialist to your normal class. There will be a mixture of teacher delivery, assignments, quizzes and ways to check your understanding. This will help you to continue developing your independent learning skills and ensure that you don’t fall behind with your studies. It will also help with your mental wellbeing by giving you a focus. There are times in the week where we plan for a screen break. This could be through reading, physical fitness challenges or completing an art project.

The school will also support any families who do not have the equipment needed to access learning.

Even though we are not in the school building, the expectations that teachers have of you will be high:

  • You must be on time to all of your online lessons (logged in and waiting in the lobby for the teacher to let you in)
  • You must follow instructions – e.g. turn on your camera, mute your microphone when not needed, sit in an appropriate place, contribute to the lesson, and complete the work/assignments set
  • You must behave appropriately – remember you are being recorded, and you can still earn positives and warnings/negative points in these lessons in the same way
  • You should work hard and make the most of each lesson. Be resilient – do not let current events stop you from making the most of your education.

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