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At Bluecoat Trent Academy, we understand how important effective assessment structures are in helping students to learn and remember more. The below information explains how we assess students, what you can do to support them through those assessments and also how we will report any formal assessment results to you.

How are students assessed?

Students’ learning is assessed each and every lesson to ensure what is being taught is understood. Students will be frequently questioned during lesson on new learning that has been taught to assess whether it has been understood. Their responses then inform how the learning progresses. Pupils will be expected to contribute verbally in class, or by displaying their work to demonstrate their level of understanding.

Transferring information from the working memory to the long term memory

We know from evidenced based research around cognitive science, that to help students move information from their working memory to their long-term memory regular revision and practice is vitally important to help information ‘stick’. Therefore, students will frequently engage in knowledge retrieval activities which may involve low-stakes weekly testing of previously taught content so that it transfers to the long-term memory. Student homework will therefore often be based around revision activities, using flash cards and knowledge organisers to learn important facts.

Check Points

At the end of units of work, students will engage in assessments called ‘check points’. These are ungraded, low stakes tests that are designed to be diagnostic in nature. They should help students understand which parts of the new learning they have understood and remembered, and which need further practice. Often these check points will be done using multiple choice questions or short response tasks. Results from the check points can be accessed by parents on Go4Schools and will be reported as percentage score.

Once students have completed their check point, the class teacher will review their work and then deliver whole class feedback to address any common misconceptions.

Key Assessment Points (KAP)

In order for students, parents and teachers to get a clear understanding of how students are progressing, and how much information is being transferred into the long-term memory, each year students take part in a Key Assessment Point (KAP).

The KAP is a synoptic assessment which will test all content covered up to that point in their secondary school journey. It will be taken under strict timed test conditions, and students will be provided with a booklet of revision information ahead of the assessments so that they can effectively plan their revision. Following the KAP, students’ results will be graded and published to parents.

In Year 9, to assistant in informing the options process, students will also sit an Autumn Assessment. The information booklet for these assessments can be found below.

BTA Year 9 Autumn Advanced Information Booklet

KAP Dates

Year 9 Autumn Assessments (November 2023)

Year 9 KAP (January/February (2024)

Year 7 KAP (February / March 2024)

Year 8 KAP (June 2024)

Year 7 KAP Advanced Information February 2024

Year 9 KAP Information Booklet January 2024

Year 8 KAP Advanced Information Booklet 2024

If you have any questions regarding assessment at Bluecoat Trent Academy, please contact the Assistant Principal Mr C Glover.

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