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The Archway Science Olympiad ignited young minds with a day of challenges on the 25th March. Eight year-8 teams tackled the “Marshmallow Challenge,” building devices to launch marshmallows the farthest. Collaboration and creativity thrived as students transformed materials into marshmallow-flinging machines. Some teams built elaborate trebuchets, while others embraced simpler designs.

The spirit of science extended beyond competition. Student volunteers from the previous year’s winning school, sporting their self-designed shirts, managed the event and ensured fair play.

Surgeon Marta inspired students with her “In My Shoes” talk. She spoke openly about her path, from childhood dreams to the demanding realities of surgery. Her honesty and passion were contagious.

An afternoon quiz tested the students’ knowledge across various scientific fields like biology, astronomy, and chemistry. The pressure was on, but the students collaborated to find answers.

Sportsmanship and a love for learning were evident throughout. Teams impressed with unique ideas and unwavering efforts. Bluecoat Aspley displayed remarkable perseverance to win the quiz, but all participants emerged victorious. The Archway Science Olympiad wasn’t about winners and losers; it was about celebrating the spirit of scientific inquiry and the joy of discovery. Every student who participated embodied the core of science: experimentation, resilience, and the thrill of discovery.

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